Don’t Blame APC Or Buhari For Halted PDP convention – Doyin Okupe

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Former Senior special assistant to former President Jonathan on public affairs, Doyin Okupe has said APC and Buhari are not to blame for the halted PDP convention.
Mr. Okupe said the convention cannot and should not be blamed on their political adversaries. Rather the blame should rest squarely on the failure of internal conflict resolution machinery of the PDP, the surprising naivete and desperation of many to seize power and control the party and the gullibility of majority of the followership, who have become entrenched in the cesspool of pervasive impunity of our leadership over the years.
In a statement posted on Facebook, the former special assistant said it is commendable that the NEC threw sentiments aside and extended the tenure of the controversial caretaker committee by one year and allowed for the future expansion of the membership of the committee.
The import of this is that the party has now officially jetissoned the “Microwave”strategy, hitherto, employed by the leadership, and allowed for ample time to address all issues. By allowing for new inclusions into the members of the caretaker committee, the leadership obviously has made room for possible reasonable negotiation with the Senator Amodu Sheriff ‘s group, which is inevitable and a political imperative, if the party must remain United.
Again, this is neither the time for victory songs nor a season for political vendetta. This is time for seeking lasting and honest peace, time to rebuild from current ashes of flames of the inferno, of political opportunism, greed, selfishness and blatant brigandry and impunity.
There may just be another chance to do it again especially now that our adversaries are burning their political access card.

Don’t Blame APC Or Buhari For Halted PDP convention – Doyin Okupe
Don’t Blame APC Or Buhari For Halted PDP convention – Doyin Okupe - written by Ogundokun Ayobami , published at 10:16 . And have 0 comments
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