How To Clean & Maintain The Three Different Types of Floors

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When outside, your shoes are collecting all the dirt and grime from the street which eventually ends up in your home and accumulate the entire flooring. It’s not just the messy appearance but a serious health risk if left untreated for long. Therefore understand the type of floor you’ve around the house and how to clean it properly.

For every floor, maintenance standards are different so learn which one suits yours. However, if this is all too tough and lengthy, the only choice is hiring reliable commercial cleaners in the city having expertise in the industry. Still, we’ve listed down common types of household flooring and how you can take good care yourself.

1. Asphalt
Having asphalt tiles in a room is a wise choice because they don’t show-off footprints and furniture marks. This particular type of floor is indeed sturdy and durable; damage can come from grease, concentrated soaps, abrasive scouring and oil solvents (like gasoline and turpentine). Here’s how to clean asphalt tile floor!

- Mop the floor every week as it prevents the development of dirt and another residue. Doing so would only save you from waxing the surface frequently.
- Mop with a cleaner as it’s able to withstand the mopping drag and you can also proceed with a cup of fabric softener mixed in half a bucket of water to restore the shine.
- Too much water can leach into the tile joints and ruin them in time! The mop should be wet but not all drippy; strike a balance!
- Use a standard-quality steel wool to remove heel marks off the asphalt tiles. Dip the steel wool into liquid floor wax and rub gently before you wipe with a damp cloth.

2. Porcelain or ceramic
Perhaps the easiest of all the tiles to maintain, the only thing to watch is grout lines. These floors are painted and baked thus soil can’t penetrate them. Here’s how to clean;
- Avoid using abrasive solutions on ceramic floors or they’ll scratch the glazed surface.
- A damp mop and a neutral purpose floor cleaner is an excellent choice. Although flat mops are great for weekly maintenance, string mops are unbeatable when it comes to a thorough sweep.
- If the grout lines are sealed, they’ll remain cleaned for longer but before doing so, work a damp mop over to ensure cleanliness.

3. The slate & flagstone floor
Natural stones are used to produce these floors however, they’re rough and porous. You’ll need to seal for stain prevention but the usual lacquer and varnish won’t work. Here’s what to do;
- Clean the floor first with a multi-purpose cleaner and allow it to air dry.
- Next step is to seal the floor either with a solvent or water-based finish which is must preferred for home because it’s odourless.
- Once cleaned and sealed, sweep and mop daily with a neutral floor cleaning solution for best results.

Follow the steps defined above to clean and maintain different types of floors; the first step to ensuring a healthy home!
How To Clean & Maintain The Three Different Types of Floors
How To Clean & Maintain The Three Different Types of Floors - written by Ogundokun Ayobami , published at 07:57 . And have 0 comments
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