Rivers Police Commissioner Denies Reported Sealing Of PDP Convention Venue

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PDP NATIONAL CONVENTION-POLICEThe Commissioner of Police, Rivers State, Francis Odesanya, has denied reports that policemen sealed off the Sharks Stadium, Port Harcourt, venue of the National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) earlier today.
Mr. Odesanya told newsmen that he merely complied with a court order to provide security around the venue, stressing that his men did not seal up the place.
“We did not seal up the place, we are only providing security”, he added.
When asked to state which court order he complied with, the police boss said he was not in a position to interpret court orders.
“It is not my duty to interpret court order”, he said.
He said further enquiries on development around the venue of the place should be made to the Force spokesman in Abuja or the spokesman of the Rivers State Police command.
Meanwhile, the Force Public Relations Officer,  Donald Amunah, has defended the sealing off of the Sharks Stadium by a combined team of police and Department of State Services (DSS) operatives.
Speaking as a guest on Channels TV Sunrise Daily, on Wednesday Mr. Amunah, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, said: “The Police is an institution established by law and we obey the court orders and rule of law. In an event of conflicting court orders, what do you do? We are neutral. The IG has been served court orders in Abuja and so we have to obey the orders. If this court order has to be obeyed, what do we do about the venue? We take control of the venue to avoid two worrying parties conflicting, to protect lives and properties”.
The Force PRO stressed that the police had to be proactive to ensure that lives and properties are secured and contentious areas can be later sorted out by the court itself.
“In the interim, the Police will ensue that everyone is protected. So that people do not go to the venue of the convention and start fighting”, he added.

On speculations in some quarters that the police was taking sides, DCP Amunah insisted that “We are not following one side. If there is conflict, you stand in the middle and ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order. When two parties have court orders, they will both want to implement their own motives and decision. The Police will do the essential, that is, protect lives and properties. It’s not about obeying court A or B”.
  Rivers Police Commissioner Denies Reported Sealing Of PDP Convention Venue
Rivers Police Commissioner Denies Reported Sealing Of PDP Convention Venue - written by Ogundokun Ayobami , published at 10:13 . And have 0 comments
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