We feel at home staying in Nigeria- Pakistani envoy

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The High Commissioner of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Nigeria, Lieutenant General (Retd), Agha M. UmerFarooq, has stated that Pakistan’s relationship with Nigeria has been greatly strengthened and that he feels at home staying in Nigeria just like every other Pakistani in Nigeria. General Farooq who spoke during the Pakistan Independence celebration in Lagos, while reflecting on values that make Pakistan great, applauded the Nigerian government for getting up against Boko Haram insurgency in the country, saying that as a military expert, he understands the principle of it all. He equally said he was delighted with the Nigerian militarily because, Boko Haram’s back has been broken. However, General Farooq maintained that the ideology of success does not lie within the military power alone, but with the socio-economic plan, and Nigeria is in the next stage of war against terrorism in which she should be looking also at providing livelihood, economic growth so that people can have money and do not go back to Boko Haram and become their organ.  He also said that he strongly believes that the Boko Haram phenomenon will die very soon. “So when you give people livelihood, you give them education, you give them hope. I have already shared three suggestions with policy makers and my suggestion is that Nigeria should immediately focus on agriculture sector and then small industry, because Pakistan’s progress is on these two sectors.” “ A level percentage of our economy is based on agriculture and industry and if the 2 sectors do not do well, the other sectors help. Here, the best lesson is, continue in the agriculture, both in terms of corporate farming , industry and using mechanical means for agriculture. You go into food processing and research in genetically modified high breed seeds, and when you do that, you are helping small industry to thrive.” “It is important that you develop small industries, because small industries empower people to become the back-bones for medium industries. This is Pakistan’s model, and I recommend this to Nigeria, the Nigerian government”, he added Acknowledging Pakistani patriots who willingly laid down their fortunes towards the realization of Pakistani’s freedom from dependence, General Farooq urged Pakistanis to represent their objectives around the globe by according tributes to those who defend the land they love, the values they hold dearly and the way of life they treasure, both home and abroad. He reinstated Pakistani’s commitment to her bi-lateral relationship with Nigeria, expressing that the relation between Pakistanis and Nigerians have become much glued. “Nigerians in Pakistan love Pakistanis and Pakistanis in Nigeria love Nigerians. I feel at home being in Nigeria and Nigerians in Pakistan feel like they are at home. We have similar psychology, similar issues, and we are similar in being sad and laughing it.” “We have a lot to share and I have come to see that, that is the reason we are true friends, because we believe in same values, both in traditional values, logical values, social values, community values. We both have respect for elders and respect for love and we hope to hold on to these values,” he submitted. Responding, the Honorable Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Pharmacist Uzamat Akingbile Usuf, said “We celebrate the Pakistani government as they commemorate their Independence and we appreciate them for choosing Lagos as the state to celebrate this year’s event. Lagos state government is committed, is ready to collaborate with them in whatever way they want to strengthen our relationship with their country.” 

We feel at home staying in Nigeria- Pakistani envoy
We feel at home staying in Nigeria- Pakistani envoy - written by Ogundokun Ayobami , published at 08:54 . And have 0 comments
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