Reported English Premier League Injuries Thursday 2nd March 2017

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ClubInjuriesPlayerConditionExpected Return *
Hull City12D MbokaniHamstring Injury1 month
H MaguireKnee Injury1 day
L MarkovicKnock1 day
E GoebelCalf Strain1 week
M DawsonCalf Strain1 month
C DaviesHamstring Injury1 month
R MasonFractured Skullno date
M HenriksenShoulder Separation1 month
W KeaneACL Knee Injuryno date
M OdubajoPatella Fracture2 months
B LenihanKnee Surgeryno date
G LuerKnee Injuryno date
Sunderland10V MannoneIllness2 days
B JonesHead Injuryno date
J DenayerIllness2 days
S PienaarCalf Strain2 days
J RodwellHamstring Injury2 days
V AnichebeMCL Knee Ligament Injury1 month
J KirchhoffCartilage Knee Injury2 days
D WatmoreACL Knee Injuryno date
P McNairACL Knee Injury4 months
L CattermoleHip Injury1 month
Crystal Palace7L RemyMuscular Injury1 day
M FlaminiMuscle Injury1 day
B SakoHamstring Injury1 day
C WickhamACL Knee Injury5 months
S MandandaKnee Surgery2 weeks
J BentekeKnee Injuryno date
P SouareBroken Leg1 month
Watford6D JanmaatGroin Strainno date
M ZarateKnee Injuryno date
C KabaseleCalf Strainno date
C PantilimonAnkle Injury1 day
N AmrabatAnkle Injury1 week
R PereyraKnee Injuryno date
Southampton5V van DijkAnkle Injury1 month
C AustinShoulder Injury1 month
A McCarthyHamstring Injuryno date
M TargettHamstring Injury2 weeks
J PiedACL Knee Injury3 months
Tottenham Hotspur5H KaneKnock2 days
J VertonghenAnkle Injury2 days
T AlderweireldGroin Injury2 days
D RoseMCL Knee Ligament Injury1 week
E LamelaHip Injuryno date
Liverpool5J HendersonBruised Foot1 day
D SturridgeIllness1 day
O EjariaAnkle Injuryno date
A BogdanACL Knee Injuryno date
D IngsKnee Injury3 months
Stoke City4X ShaqiriCalf Strain1 day
J WaltersKnee Surgery2 weeks
J ButlandAnkle Injury1 month
S IrelandBroken Leg1 week
Manchester City4A KolarovKnock2 days
V KompanyLeg Injury2 days
G JesusMetatarsal Fractureno date
I GundoganACL Knee Injury6 months
West Ham United4A CarrollGroin Injury3 days
A OgbonnaKnee Surgery3 months
D SakhoBack Injury1 month
G ToreKnee Injuryno date
Burnley4J GudmundssonMCL Knee Ligament Injury1 day
S DefourHamstring Injury1 day
D MarneyACL Knee Injury7 months
K LongKnee Surgeryno date
Bournemouth4J IbeKnee Injuryno date
S FrancisHamstring Injury1 week
A FedericiCartilage Knee Injuryno date
C WilsonACL Knee Injuryno date
Everton3D Calvert-LewinAnkle Injury1 week
Y BolasieACL Knee Injury10 months
M BesicACL Knee Injury2 weeks
Manchester United3H MkhitaryanHamstring Injuryno date
P JonesHamstring Injury1 day
J WilsonACL Knee Injuryno date
Swansea City3N DyerAchilles Injuryno date
K Sung-yeungKnee Injury1 day
J MonteroHamstring Injury1 day
Middlesbrough3C ChambersFoot2 weeks
A BarraganHamstring Injury1 day
G FriendCalf Muscle Strain1 day
Arsenal2M ElnenyAnkle Injury1 month
S CazorlaPlantaris Injury4 months
West Bromwich Albion2C DawsonConcussion1 day
M PhillipsHamstring Injuryno date
Leicester City1M WagueDislocated Shoulderno date
Where [no return date] is indicated, because of the nature of the injury, it is not possible to give an accurate return date. However, you may make your own judgement by consulting the Injury Prognosis Indicator.
Disclaimer: The above information is provided in good faith and every effort is taken to compile accurate and up to date information, despite the transient nature of player injuries. accepts no liability for errors or omissions in the Injury League Table.
Reported English Premier League Injuries Thursday 2nd March 2017
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